Thursday, January 31, 2013

Everyday Life 2013 Continues!

Hi all!  As promised, I'm back to show you new goodies for this week.  If you scroll back a few posts you'll see mention of Wishing Well Creations' Everyday Life 2013 series.  Laura has added a few final pieces this week to round out the collection:

I grabbed some of these new bits, some elements from the earlier parts of the Everyday Life 2013 collection, a template from last year's set, and here you go:

As usual, you can grab the whole bundle or individual pieces.  The coupon that you can use on other parts of the collection is still good too and included in the download!  

A little background on this layout.  If you remember, in 2010 I did P365 and posted weekly layouts of my life.  I found it very challenging towards the end of the year and worked hard to get all 365 days photographed.  I decided not to do it life is pretty routine and you can take only so many cat pictures, lol.  But this year I came across THIS POST and found the idea intriguing. I like the idea of having a prompt for each day... it takes the "what am I going to take a picture of today" dilemma out of the way.  I did find, though, that I started missing days right away.  What to do now?  Well, instead of abandoning the project, I decided to give myself permission to just go ahead and not agonize over missing days like I did with P365.  So here you have my first page, with only 11 of the first 16 days done.  Even though they're not all represented, I decided to show all the prompts, just to remind myself of what sort things in my life I was asked to think about.  I also decided not to comment on how each photo matches its prompt.  I think that letting the casual viewer make the connection is fun.

So, come back and see me often...I plan on doing two layouts a month, 2 weeks' worth of prompts on each layout!

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