Saturday, March 21, 2020

Happy Birthday to Oscraps!

With all the angst and stress of events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, it's nice to take a deep breath and engage in some fun, uplifting activities. It's timely, then, that Oscraps is celebrating its 14th birthday for the rest of this week. If you would like to participate in some challenges and games that will give you a chance to earn daily prizes, get some layouts scrapped, AND get one or more entries into a drawing for some fabulous grand prizes, check out the event forum HERE!

Along with the fun is a store-wide sale for 40% off just about everything, from now through March 27th. One of the items on sale is this brand new collab by the Design team called Live Life: 

But wait! This collab can be yours FREE with a $15 dollar purchase in the store! Either way you want to get it, I just recommend that you do. Here are a couple of layouts I did with the collab. The first is for a regular monthly challenge at Oscraps, the Web Inspiration Challenge: 

I also did another layout just for fun:

See how versatile this collab is? If you are going to get caught up on some creative endeavors while you are practicing your social distancing, I suggest you get over to Oscraps HERE right away! In the meantime, stay safe, and make sure you come back and see me soon!

Scrapping In Place

Hi everyone! There are so many things we could be celebrating this month---the recent St. Patrick's Day holiday, the first day of spring, and so on, but of course the subject that trumps all other discussions is the COVID-19 pandemic. With the mandate to practice social distancing and the fact that I've had a little time off work, I have had lots of free time to get a whole lot o' scrapping done. Here's a recap:

I regularly participate in monthly challenges at Jut Art Scrapbooking, and here are a couple of layouts I've done as a result. This first challenge was called a Mask and Elements challenge: 

While a lot of participants recolored things into blues or greens, I worked with the colors as they were given:


There was another minikit challenge at Just Art as well:

I had a photo from my daughter' trip to Southeast Asia that lent itself well to the task:

The third challenge I've participated in so far at Just Art was an Irish Quote challenge. Luckily (no pun intended), Michele of Snapdragon Digital Creations had just released a St. Patrick's Day - themed kit called Be Irish as part of her guest-designer time at Gingerscraps:

Here is my challenge layout:

...and here is another page I made with the kit, just for fun!


Moving over to Oscraps, my digi home, I always find the challenges there can spark some creativity as well. Vicki Robinson Designs hosts a monthly challenge on her blog, and this months' challenge asked participants to create a series of Artist Trading Cards using the following template and elements:


She had just released a coordinating new kit called the journey, and offered bonus points to anyone that used the kit in the challenge. While I wasn't eligible for any prizes, I just had to grab the kit:

Here is my take on the challenge:

Just for the fun of it and because I love the kit so much, I did this second layout:

Another designer-based challenge at Oscraps I participated in was an AnnaLift challenge, whose inspiration was this stunner by Marleen:


I love scrapping architectural images, so I dug up this photo I took of an old church we visited during a trip to Mexico in 2012:


I went with a similar style for March's White Space challenge, which asked participants to create a white space page whose main areas of interest ran along two connecting borders. Here is the result, this time using an image from Pixabay:


For both layouts I used bits from Anna Aspnes' ArtPlay Palette Tangier, among other things from Anna's shop:

For the lighthouse layout I also used one of the Map Splatters by Foxeysquirrel:

I'm going to end this post here, but I've got some fun stuff to share with you in the next post, so make sure you wash your hands and come right back!

Sunday, March 1, 2020

4th Friday Mini O's!

Hey, I'm back! I couldn't let the day go by without giving a shout out about the monthly 4th Friday sale at Oscraps. You can get a variety of coordinating mini kits at 44% off through Monday evening, and this month I am in LOVE with the colors. Here is a layout I just finished:

I used bits of three products:

Lavender Papers by Maya deGroot (I love her papers!):

Happy Day Playing With Brushes by et designs (another favorite designer):

and Spring Clusters by Vicki Robinson:

If you'd like to get in on the sale before tomorrow night, check out the shop HERE, and make sure you come back and see me soon!

Wrapping Up February

Hi all! Well, my plan to post more often during February didn't quite pan out---I was too preoccupied with getting all my daily challenges done for the month-long event at Sweet Shoppe Designs I told you about in my last post. I did mange to complete all 29 of the challenges, but had to play some serious catch-up yesterday to finish before the deadline!  But finish I did, so here are the layouts I started to show you in my last post, and then I have a few other Oscraps layouts I wanted to post.

This first page was done for a Pocket Letter challenge. We were given a digital image of a binder insert and were told to fill it as if it was a real pocket letter. I had heard of pocket scrapping but not pocket letters, as was true for a lot of other participants. You can find out more about pocket letters HERE. Anyhow, here is my page:

Another challenge was to "mash it up" by using products from two different designers. I'm usually a one-kit scrapper but have been getting better at borrowing from a variety of products to get a layout done:

This next layout was for a slow scrap, where you were given a series of directions to follow, spread out through the day via their Instagram account:


Here we have a layout that was made for a recipe challenge; you had to use a specific number of photos, papers, elements, etc:

This next challenge was pretty fun; we were given this image and were asked to scrap a layout using whatever we took as inspiration from it:

...and here is my take on it:

Another challenge had a "currently" theme; we had to scrap about a topic that was relevant for us right now:

Each day you participated you received a portion of a collaborative kit to download, and one of the final challenges was to use one of the templates you would have received. I liked this template:

This next page was also for a template challenge, but everyone was given the same template to work with:


Okay! I think that's all of the layouts for the SSD event! I'm too lazy to list the products I used for each layout, but if you need to know, you can look up the pages in my SSD gallery HERE and find the information you need. On to some Oscraps layouts!

Here is a free minikit that was offered for the Use It All challenge in February:


You couldn't use anything besides what was in the mini. Here is what I came up with:

ViVa Artistry released a new kit that was requested by a customer of hers. Here is Amazing Thailand: 

While the kit is pretty versatile, how fortunate that my oldest daughter is traveling in Southeast Asia right now, and had some photos from Thailand I could scrap!

Finally, I have one last layout, done for a mask challenge at Just Art Scrapbooking. I used a lovely kit from Natali Design called Captured Love, which I have shown you before, but here it is again:

...and here is my layout:

Whew! I think I'm all caught up again! The month of March will bring a whole new set of opportunities for scrapping, plus, the winner of the SSD even will be announced in the next few days. I'd love to tell you if I won the $100 first prize, so make sure you come back and see me soon!

Monday, February 10, 2020

A Whole Lot o' Scrapping

Hi everyone! I hope to be posting a bit more frequently here in February, mostly because I hope to be scrapping more. Sweet Shoppe Designs is hosting a 14th Birthday celebration this month, and they have 29 days of challenges and games that allow you to receive daily downloads and earn an entry into a grand prize drawing if you participate all 29 days! Oscraps hosted a similar event during December, but since I'm on the CT there, I wasn't eligible for prizes. I tried to participate in The Lilypad's January event last year, but a) the requirements for each day's challenge were pretty stringent and b) my hard drive crashed about 2/3 of the way through the month and I couldn't finish.  So, since I love challenges and wouldn't mind winning a huge prize, I decided to try the SSD event. I had spent some time there a few years ago when I was on Digital Scrapbook Ingredient's CT, and it's refreshing to engage in a different sort of scrapping than I've been doing lately. Long story short, in addition to my usual pages, I'll be posting my various and sundry layouts for the SSD event.

First though, here is a layout I did for a regular monthly challenge at Just Art Scrapbooking, a mini kit challenge. This is the mini we were given:


The title prompted me to scrap a poem that my sister shared with our family shortly after our mother passed away:

Over at Oscraps, I've participated in a couple of challenges so far. The first is in acknowledgement of the fact that Anna Aspnes Designs has reached the milestone of 50,000 layouts posted in her gallery! The theme of the challenge is "change", and we were given some free products we could use if we wished. I already had some of the goodies, and tried to make good use of the rest:

The other challenge I participated in so far was the Featured Photo Challenge, which asked us to scrap a layout featuring a photograph that had a heart in it. Since I didn't have a photo handy, it was Pixabay to the rescue!

I used Captured Love by Natali Design:

Now, for my Sweet Shoppe Designs layouts! First up is a page done for a scraplift challenge, using Summer Fades Away by Digital Scrapbook Ingredients:

Then we have this layout, done for a paper-to-digi challenge. I used Siblings by WendyP Designs:

Finally, one day's challenge was to scrap a celebration. Once again I used Siblings by WendyP Designs; I also used items from Imagination by Meagan's Creations, and the alpha is from Summer Bucket List by Digital Scrapbook Ingredients:

I didn't link them up, but all the products used for the SSD challenges can be found in the shop there. The cute little kids belong to my niece, you can't have those, lol! All caught up for now! I'm hoping to stick with this month of scrapping, so make sure you come back and see me soon!

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Wrapping Up January

Hi everyone! Yay! We did it! We made it to the end of January, the longest month of the year, lol! The weather hasn't been horrible but we haven't seen the sun in a while, so I'm looking forward to the inevitable change of seasons. I haven't done a lot of scrapping since my last post, but I will get us caught up on what I HAVE managed to accomplish. 

The most recent new release at Oscraps I worked with is this kit from Viva Artistry called Shu, commemorating the Chinese New Year:

I used it to document my oldest daughter's new year celebration:

This next layout is a wintery one, created for a seasonal challenge at Oscraps. Once again, I'm proud to say that this layout was chosen for a mention on the Gallery Standouts blog on January 14th:


I used an absolutely stunning kit by natali design called Cozy Days:

In the just-for-fun category, I participated in a minikit challenge at Just Art Scrapbooking. Here is the kit participants were given to work with:

You had to use a specific number of papers and elements; here is the layout I came up with:


My other CT team is Snapdragon Digital Creations, and after a bit of a hiatus, Michele is releasing some new products again at My Memories. This is a fun kit I grabbed called Winter Friends:

I used the kit to document a trip to the zoo last February, using a template from a challenge at Pixel Scrapper:

Back over to Oscraps! Anna Aspnes Designs has a regular Color Challenge there and I don't always participate, but I couldn't pass this one up. Here is the palette we were given:

And here is the photo I just had to scrap:


Except for the button, I entirely used Anna's ArtPlay MiniPalette Breeze:

Last but not least, I grabbed this set of Painted Papers by one of my favorites at Oscraps, Design by Tina:

The set released on January 3rd, which is my mother's birthday, so I was moved to scrap this photo of her, taken when she was just a young woman:

Okay, all caught up once again! I've already started my scrapping for February, so stay warm and cozy, and make sure you come back and see me soon!