Sunday, November 7, 2010

Battle of the Creative Teams week 4! We need your vote!

Well, the final week of the Battle of the Creative Teams over at DigiscrapAddicts has ended, and our final team layouts are posted for voting. A lot of us on the team of Mara's Minions felt this was the easiest of the four challenges, but it wasn't without a few twists:

It's a TEN!
You must use 10, and ONLY 10 different products by your designer. When I say 'products' that would be an element pack/paper pack/full kit/alpha, whichever you choose. You can use any amount of items on your layout that you choose, but you can only use the 10 products that you have listed AND linked. You may not use any more than the 10 products you choose. At least two of the ten products must be used by all the members of the team. You all need to pick the same two products that will be the common factor between the 5 members of the team. Please list what products you will be using as a common product. You can definitely use anything you'd like as your common factor as long as it's listed.

You can use any number of papers, elements, alphas, etc., but they can only come from the 10 products you have chosen and have listed in your credits.

You must have *at least* TWO products in common with your team mates. You can have more if you so desire, but TWO is the minimum requirement.

In addition to this challenge, you must have a top 10 list of ANY type on your page. Your top ten list can be any topic you choose, but you must have the list in numerical format on your page (this means you must have the numbers 1-10 as well as the list). The journaling may be in any language.

Last but not least, you may NOT USE ANY PHOTOS OR FRAMES. This must be a photoless AND frameless layout.

So, here's the page I came up with, a list of the musical artists I listen to the most:

It was really amazing this time around the see what all the contestants came up with, so if you're so inclined, take a stroll through the gallery HERE, but then make sure you cast your vote HERE for Scraps by Mara!

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