Sunday, October 10, 2010

P365 weeks 39 and 40

Well, folks, it had to happen sooner or later. Whether it was because of apathy, a serious lack of imagination, or just forgetfulness, I did NOT take a photo every day the week of Sept. 24! Usually, if nothing noteworthy is happening in my day (which happens more often than not, I really DO have a boring life, lol!), I find something that captures my interest enough for a photo. Not during week 39, though! So, that week's page looks a little skimpy, but as you can see, I jumped right back into the saddle for week 40, and I hope to keep going strong for the rest of the year!

Week 39:

Week 40:
I used a template by Simply You, Simply Me and the kit Sunny Meadow by Laitha Designs, both available at GoDigitalScrapbooking.

Also, here's that sneak peek I told you about yesterday. It's the newest kit from Scraps by Mara, and it will revealed on October 15, so stay tuned!

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