Saturday, July 3, 2010

P365 Week 26!

Whoo hoo! Halfway through Project 365! I am rather amazed that I stuck with it so long. So many people start in January and fizzle out after a while. Lord knows, I have a pile of uncompleted projects on my desk in the basement to prove that I am a fizzle-out-er like no other. But some stubborn streak has kept me going with this, even when there was not a blessed thing worth photographing more days than not. It helps that I realized after a while that not every photo had to be "art" (hence the numerous cat photos, lol). In any case, here is week 26, using, again, genia Beana's kit He's the Man, and a template by Scrapmuss Designs:

26 weeks down, 26 to go!

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